Dry Ice Blasting Requirements for Automotive Detailing

IceRocket Dry Ice Blasting Setup - Automotive detailing

There is a lot that goes into detailing a car and maintaining, or even enhancing, the value. Same goes for what is needed for a successful dry ice blasting setup. Below is the equipment we recommend to achieve superior results to blast competition out of the water...without water!


Air Requirements for Dry Ice Blasting

Quality air is essential for achieving optimal performance from your dry ice blaster. This is why we recommend a shop air compressor, air treatment, and a sufficiently sized air supply line. 

  1. Air Compressor - we recommend a 15HP air compressor, minimum, with a storage tank.
  2. Air Treatment - dry air is a must. Dry air keeps the dry ice from clumping and clogging in the blast hose. We recommend a refrigerant dryer (sized to match HP of compressor), desiccant air dryer, water separator, or one of our after coolers. 
  3. Air Supply line - the air supply line requirements will vary depending on which dry ice blaster you purchase from Cold Jet. Be sure to check the product specifications, but our blasters require a 3/4" or 1/2" air supply line. 

Dry Ice Supplier

As the industry leader in dry ice technologies, Cold Jet will put you in direct contact with a local-to-you dry ice supplier no matter where you are. Cold Jet also manufacturers and sells pelletizers - machines that produce solid-state dry ice from liquid CO2 - should your consumption of dry ice justify making it in house.

Dry Ice Blaster

This goes without saying, but you will need a state-of-the-art dry ice blaster. Cold Jet is here to provide you with that! We offer a wide selection of dry ice blasters - from entry-level detailing dry ice blasting packages to profession-level restoration packages, and everything in between. 

Accessory Kit

Cold Jet offers many different applicators and nozzles configurations to get the job done right. Our extensive research and volume of sales into the automotive detailing industry has provided us great detail to offer an accessory configuration that works best for you. Should you want to expand your business offerings, or even explore contract cleaning, we have additional accessories for more aggression, tighter spaces, or unique applications.

Spare Parts Kit

We won't sugar coat it...our machines are mechanical. This means that things wear or break through usage. We recommend every customer has a spare parts kit on hand, that way when something does happen they can quickly fix it and get back up and running. 


Cold Jet CONNECT is our way of giving customers even more out of their machines! Simply find and scan the QR code on your machine (instructions shipped with machine) to access Cold Jet CONNECT. 


Cold Jet CONNECT free features include:
  • Machine Documentation (operator manuals and parts & accessory catalog)
  • Machine & Application training (training videos on demand!)
  • Service & Support via phone, chat, or email (standard 1-year warranty included)
CONNECT Analytics* free features include:
  • IoT Data & Remote Support 
  • Machine Utilization & Dry Ice Usage / Feed Rates
  • Pre-Configured & Customer Job Reporting
  • Historical Service Records & Maintenance Notifications
  • Fleet Management for 3 or more machines (additional charge)
*only available for IoT-enabled machines
CONNECT Care paid features include:
  • Additional year(s) of standard warranty (renew for up to 3 years total)
  • Annual onsite preventative maintenance performed by Certified Cold Jet Technician
CONNECT Enterprise* paid features include:
  • Additional year(s) of standard warranty (renew for up to 3 years total)
  • Annual onsite preventative maintenance performed by Certified Cold Jet Technician
*only available for IoT-enabled machines



We also offer Cold Jet CONNECT Custom service agreements that are tailored to meet your needs. 


Contact us today to answer any questions you may have or to contact a Cold Jet representative!